Hair preparation for easy braiding

If you want easy braiding, you need to prepare the hair first.

It is useful to have a tail comb, hair protector card and clips. Check out the tools page for more info.

Where to place the braid

You can braid any section of hair you want, but for your first braids it's best to choose hair at the top of the head, near the parting (split).

Select hair near the parting for your braid

Another popular place for a braid is just behind the ear, but this is a bit more awkward for your first braid.

Or select hair behind one ear

Choosing the hair

Choose a neat square section of hair, about 1 to 1.5cm each side at the most. A tail comb can help with this.

Select a neat section of hair for the braid

Check the braids and hair types page for more information on braiding in thick or fine hair.

Place this hair inside a hair protector card and clip the card to the head with sectioning clips. Tie or clip the remaining hair well out of the way.

Using a hair protector card to make braiding easier

Using clips to hold the card on


Divide the braiding hair into three equal sections and plait (braid) it.

Plaiting the hair

At the end of the plait tie with a small piece of braiding thread to stop it coming undone.

Tie the plait with a piece of thread

Wet the hair

If the hair is layered and ends are sticking out the plait like this:

Layered hair sticking out of plait

you can wet the hair slightly. This makes the hairs lie flatter and less likely to stick out of the finished braid.

Wet hair ready for braiding

If it is one of your first braids and you are working slowly, you might need to wet the hair again before you have finished, so keep some water handy.

Start braiding

OK - now you are ready to cut the threads and start braiding.


Braiding on different hair types

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