How to wear hair falls

Hair falls are great fun to wear. Have a whole head of dreads for a party or festival, then take them out for work or school, and pop them back in for the evening!

Here at Fun Hair Stuff we love our hair falls! Visit our shop to see our Festival falls and our Long layered falls - both bestsellers.

Of course you do need hair to attach your falls to! But here at Fun Hair Stuff we have even worked out how to make falls for those of you who have short (or no) hair!

What will I need?

Before we tell you how to wear hair falls, make sure you have everything you need.

You will need strong, thick elastics (bobbles) or scrunchies. For best results you will need plenty of long hair grips and bun pins, and you may need bun sponges if your hair isn't very thick or long. You may also want a wide headband to help hide your hairline.

How do I wear my falls?

Its easy to learn how to wear hair falls if you follow these instructions step by step!

First, centre part your hair. Make two bunches, or better still buns, in your hair as high on your head as you can, and to the front. If you are doing this on your own, you may find it easier to do by bending over forwards so that your head is down towards the floor.

Use strong bobbles or scrunchies to secure the bunches.

If you are making buns, pin them really firmly with strong grips. The more solid and secure you can get them, the better your falls will stay and the easier it will be to get good coverage of your hair.

Buns generally give a better result than bunches. Bun sponges can help if you hair isn't very thick or long.

Once your buns or bunches are firmly in place, take one of your falls. Place it upside down hiding one bun, with the elastics near the other bun. (Upside down means that the short layer of the fall is underneath the long one).

Now wind both loops of the elastic tightly around the bun that is showing. Once it is well fixed, (we suggest pinning it at this point) throw all the wool from that fall over to the other side of your head - the side you have just fixed it to.

Repeat the process for the other fall.

Use bun pins or strong Kirby grips to make sure that the falls will stay in place and to help hide any part of the bun or bunch that is showing.

Finally, take a few strands of wool from each side of the falls and cross them over at the front to hide the gap between the two falls.

Hair falls on Alice bands

How to wear hair falls if you don't have enough hair!

Here at Fun Hair Stuff we have worked out a way of making falls on Alice bands for customers who don't have long enough hair to wear falls the traditional way.

This is how to get the best results for these kind of falls.

Place the Alice band on your head as far forward as is comfortable, with the ends of the Alice band pointing down behind your ears.

Place a long, strong grip or two to secure the Alice band to your hair between the two sections of wool. Flip the wool on one side over to the other so all the wool is on one side of your head. Now securely pin the bare side of the Alice band to your hair. Flip all the wool the other way and repeat.

Now separate the wool, half on each side. Cross a few strands from each side over to the other side to hide the hairline and the gap between the two sections of the falls.

These falls can't easily be washed as the headband is not designed to be washable. Hang them up in the fresh air to air them if necessary.

These falls by Fun Hair Stuff are designed so that you can unpick the stitching and use them as a regular pair of falls if your hair becomes long enough.

My falls have got in a mess – how do I sort them out?

These instructions apply to long layered falls made by Fun Hair Stuff. Other falls may be constructed differently.

Sometimes when you take your falls off, the loops with the wool on may have got a bit muddled.

This is what you need to do to sort them out.

There are two knots on the wool that go around both loops of the elastic. All the others are on one loop or the other.

Once you have found these two sections of wool, push them apart so that all the bare elastic is between them.

Then make sure that the short layer of the falls is at the front. One side of all the knots on the wool has a horizontal bar running across it. This is the back. You shouldn't be able to see the bars.

Taking care of your falls

With care, your falls should last you for a long time, and need very little maintenance.

It is best to store your falls hanging from a hook or coat hanger in a clean, dry place. You may want to cover them with a plastic bag to stop them getting dusty. Keep them away from things that might get caught up in them like Velcro or jewellery.

Your falls are made from pure wool. Protect them from moth damage. If they need washing, handwash gently with a specialist wool wash liquid in cool water, and then either hang them or lie them flat to air dry. Make sure they are completely dry before storing.

Restringing your falls

If your Fun Hair Stuff falls eventually need restringing because the elastic has broken or become too loose, we offer a restringing service. Please contact us to find out about this.

Show us your falls!

If you have bought falls from Fun Hair Stuff, please send us a photo of you wearing your them – we'd love to include it on the customer gallery and the Facebook page!

Or if you've made your own set of falls, we'd love to see them too!

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