Attach a Braid

This page shows you how to attach a braid into your hair. This method works for any removeable hair braid that has a loop top. It is more secure than using clips, and can be left in for days, or taken in and out easily.

This method can be used for feather hair extensions if you make a loop at the top of the cord using a crimp bead. Fun Hair Stuff feather extensions come with a crimp bead that you can use for this.

Fun Hair stuff removable braids are designed to be attached this way. This includes our Spiral braids, Patterned wrap braids, Dread wraps and Criss cross braids.

If you are making your own braid to attach using this method, make a loop at the top that is about 1cm long.

What do I need?

All you will need is your braid, a small piece of wire or thread, and a small elastic.

You may also choose to use a tail comb and a cardboard hair protector with sectioning clips or grips to keep the other hair out of the way, but these are not essential.

There are other ways to attach a braid with a loop top. You can put a hair grip or clip through the loop, or you can attach an elastic band through the loop.

How to get started

First check that your braid has a loop at the top! Not all braids do. Fun Hair Stuff braids are made with loops so that you can attach them this way. in our experience, (and we have tried lots of ways to attach braids!) this is the most secure, comfortable and easy to use method.

Choose a small section of hair that you are going to thread through the loop. Don't worry - we're about to show you an easy way to thread it through!

Get your short piece of wire or thread and fold it in half.

Put the hair inside the fold. Remember you only need a small amount of hair!

Now poke the ends of your wire or thread through the loop in the braid.

Use the wire or thread to pull the hair right through the loop.

Slide the braid right to the top of the hair. Pick up another small amount of hair from next to the braid and divide it into two sections.

Plait these three section s of hair together, keeping the braid out of the way.

Secure the plait with a small elastic band. You don't need to plait to the end of the hair to secure the braid. A short plait works just as well and can be hidden under the other hair. Your braid will hand from the top of the plait quite securely and you can keep it in for days at a time. It's easy to remove if you need to though! Just cut the elastic and undo the plait.

Now you've learnt how to attach a braid or anything with a loop top to your hair, you can have fun making all sorts of hair braids and unusual extensions!

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