Fun Hair Stuff

Are you looking for fun things to do with your hair? That's what Fun Hair Stuff is all about.

You'll find all sorts of ideas for braiding your hair or adding beads, ribbons or feathers or falls to your hair. Don't worry if you've never braided hair before. Our easy step-by-step guide will show you how.

We are adding ideas for making your own fun hair accessories, and info about where to find the stuff you need.

Remember to check out our new shop!

We have fun hair accessory ideas for children's parties and festivals, as well as glamorous ideas for eveningwear, weddings and proms.

Maybe you're looking for something a bit different? Explore the gallery pages and instructon pages for dreadlock braids and hair falls.

Our gallery pages are great to browse for ideas and inspiration.

We'd love to see your fun hair stuff too.

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Learn to braid hair
Learn to braid hair and make removable hair wraps. Our simple hair braiding instructions will get you going in no time.
Hair Braid Stuff
Before you make a hair braid, check this guide to see that you have the tools, threads and beads you will need.
Braiding Patterns - Stripes and Bands
Once you've learnt the basics of how to braid you'll want to create some braiding patterns. Let's look at stripe patterns.
Plaited Yarn Braids
How to decorate your hair with plaited yarn braids, made by plaiting wool or threads into your hair
Attach a Braid into your hair
How to attach a braid into your hair. This method works for any braid that has a loop top.
Braid beard hair
How to braid beard hair. Suggestions for different ways to braid your beard and add threads or beads.
Installing double-ended dreads
Thinking of installing double-ended dreads? Easy to follow instructions and pictures here.
Fix dreads in short hair
How to fix dreads in short hair - as short as 3cm! Follow our easy method
How to wear hair falls
instructions for how to wear hair falls
Fit a feather hair extension
How to fit a feather hair extension or attach hair feathers using a micro ring. Simple step by step instructions.
Gallery Index
Use the Gallery index to browse through photos of hair decorations by Fun Hair Stuff and hair accessories made by you! Add your photos to the galleries.
Fun Hair Stuff Stall
Book the Fun hair Stuff stall for hair braiding and hair decoration for your festival or event
Fun Hair Stuff events
Find the Fun Hair Stuff hair braiding and decoration stall at an event near you this year.
Braiding FAQs
FAQs about hair braiding, braid care and hair accessories
Shop Door
Shop entrance for Fun Hair Stuff

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