Braid Beard Hair

Looking for ideas for how to braid beard hair? Or add threads or beads to your beard? Plenty of ideas and pictures of Fun Hair Stuff customers below! You may also find more customer pictures on our Facebook page.

Different ways to decorate beards

There are many ways to braid beard hair. The limitation is usually the length of the hair.

You can plait beards just as you would the hair on your head by dividing it into sections and making one or more plaits. You can finish the plaits with a small elastic band.

You can also plait threads or synthetic hair into your beard using the techniques shown here. The threads can be used to extend the length of your beard. You can use all of the beard hair, or just part of it.

It is a little trickier to work with beard hair and can take some practice. It is hard to do your own! Beard hair can be quite stiff and the braids may not hang down straight because of the direction of growth of the hairs.

The two guys below had coloured synthetic hair plaited into their beards.

Synthetic hair is harder to plait with than yarn - so we suggest trying with yarn the first time. Find our stpe by step instructions for making yarn plaits here.

This guy asked us to braid his beard hair with red and black synthetic hair to make his beard much longer. There were only about twenty hairs there! Unfortunately a friend pulled it off later the same day - hair and all. Ouch!

You can also use hair wrapping techniques on beards. This beard braid used our method for braiding into very short hair!

If you first plait a beard you can then thread beads onto the plaits. Use either small elastic bands or better still squashable clamp beads designed for dreads to finish the braid and stop the other beads falling off.

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