How to make hair bows

Want to learn how to make hair bows? You can find free hair bow instructions here for making everything from tiny bows to giant bows!

Before you start making hair bows you will need to think about the kind of bow you want, the kind of hair clip you will attach it to, and what you want to make your bow out of.

Fabric Hair Bows

For hair bows that really make an impact (think Lady Gaga style) try our instructions for making giant hair bows in two sizes.

For a smaller bow that can double as a clip on bow tie, try the fabric hair bows.

Ribbon Hair Bows

For exuberant and fun ribbon bows, have a look at the instructions for making bubble hair bows.

We will be adding different instructions for making hair bows regularly - so bookmark this page and remember to come back and check frequently!

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