Flower Garlands for your hair

We make a huge range of flower garlands. The design is limited only by your imagination, or ours!

Whether you are looking for a unique garland for yourself, your bridesmaids or flower girls for a wedding, want an unusual headpiece for a fashion shoot, or just want to buy the perfect garland for this year's music festival, you won't find a better range than ours.

Flower garlands have been the 'must have' item at the music festivals for the last two or three years. Trouble is they are masses produced in a small range of colours, and so lots of people will be wearing identical garlands. We don't buy mass produced ones, so you won't be wearing one identical to everyone else. We hand-make each of our garlands in the UK. They can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. We can make them in any combination of colours exactly to your taste or to match a special outfit.

Flower garlands are the perfect hair accessory for your bridesmaids or flower girls. We can make a matching set, or they can all be slightly different. The make the cutest little flower girl look even cuter! Easy to fit and to wear, while hightly fashionable, your bridesmaids and flower girls will love them, and they look great in the photos too.

Make sure you have a look at the flower accessories page for some other ideas. We make other accessories using both the mulberry paper flowers and the silks, including flower headbands and flower clips.

The garlands are easy to adjust to fit any head, and come with instructions for how to do this.

We have a huge range of flower types and colours. We can also spray flowers to the colour of your choice.

Garlands can be made with or without a variety of leaves. The small flowers we use are made from mulberry paper. The large flowers are florist's silks.

Simple, single ring garlands are here.Elaborate garlands made with bunches of flowers are here.Garlands made from large flowers are here.One-off pieces for sale are here.

Looking for something really unique? Use the form below to contact us, or ring 07758200124. we are based in Nottingham, UK, but can post all over the world. If you want to arrange to visit us, please contact us first.

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