Bubble Bows

Bubble bows are fun hair accessories made from a multitude of different ribbons. An ideal gift for a little girl with long hair!


To make your bubble bow you will need the following:

4 or 5 90cm lengths of ribbon (12 or 15mm wide ribbon works best, but you could use 20mm, and one or two lengths could be thinner ribbon). You can use all one kind of ribbon, different ribbons the same colour, or contrasting ribbons.

A 60mm long undecorated hair barrette

Strong thread, such as upholstery thread.


Take the hair barrette apart and put the piece that opens and closes away to one side.

Bunch the ribbons you are using together with any wider ribbons on the bottom of the bunch and thinner ones on the top.

Measure 8cm from the end of the ribbon bunch and tie a long piece of strong thread around the bunch at this point. Knot the thread firmly.

Now use the same thread to tie the bunch firmly to the centre of the hair barrette. Once tied, slide the thread and ribbons towards one end of the barrette.

Fold the bunch of ribbons into a hill about 4cm tall and back down to the barrette. Use the strong piece of thread to tie the bunch to the barrette again. Continue making hills of ribbon and tying them to the barrette.

When you get to the end there should be around 8cm of the ribbons left.

Knot the strong thread firmly.

Put a small dab of glue on to the knots of strong thread at each end of the barrette. Allow to dry, and then trim the thread ends neatly.

Put the barrette back together.

Now pull each 'hill' of ribbon apart gently to spread the ribbon out into loops.

Trim the ends of the ribbon tails.

Your bubble bow is now complete.

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